Fear In Living Color

An All-QTPOC Horror Anthology TTRPG Podcast. Volume One - The Hunters focuses on a monster-hunting team reeling from their previous mission as they enter a new one. Follow and find out what horrors lie within Barrow University.

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Tuesday Mar 22, 2022

The Lost Ones coming April 1st 2022. This Trailer features the following voices in order of appearance: L.W. Salinas (@sithwitch) Connie Chang (@ByConnieChang) Valiant Dorian (@Valiant Dorian) Eli Elliot (@ReliableElliot) RK Wilde (@RussWildest)

Friday Apr 01, 2022

Content Warnings: Horror, Violence, Gaslighting, Blood, Descriptions of Dead Bodies, Character Death Five students of Barrow University enter the mines looking to blow off some steam from finals, but an accident separates them. Listen to the events that precede Volume One.This episode features the following voices: RK Wilde (@RussWildest) Eli Elliot (@ReliableElliot) Valiant Dorian (@Valiant Dorian) Connie Chang (@ByConnieChang) L.W. Salinas (@sithwitch)   Editing and Audio Design by Cole Burkhardt coleburkhardt.carrd.co Theme Music by Nascha Morrison (@MerMetalBard) System - ViewScream with custom scenario by Rafael Chandler (@RafaelChandler) Sponsored by Game and A Curry (@Gameandacurry)

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